#ELTchat Summary Wednesday 28 March 2018: Using Video in ELT

As the topic was using video, I thought it seemed a good idea to have a go at making an #ELTchat video-based summary  so… here it is.

Ideas on How to Use Video

I used Lumen5 to make the video below to summarise ideas mentioned in the chat on how to use video in the ELT classroom:

@naomishema described these two videos as her favourites in the video summary: A Love Story…In Milk and The Power of Words.
@Marisa_C provided a link to an example ‘How to..’video: How to Heat Your Room for 15 cents a Day.
 Finally, @fionaljp mentioned using a video transcription tool called oTranscribe

Advantages and Points to Consider When Using Video

I used Tellagami to create the video below to summarise advantages and points to consider when using video in the ELT classroom that were discussed during the chat:


Tools for creating video

The following tools for creating video were shared in the chat:

Lumen 5                                                 Machinima

Plotagon                                                                      Tellagami
Voki                                                         YouTube

Video Resources

The following list of video resources were shared in the chat:

shared her resource for Using Machinima in Class or Online this site to focus on grammar using video – Movie Segments to Access Grammar , Film English by Kieran Donaghy and StoryCorps – Stories from people of all background and beliefs
shared a sequence of online interactive exercises that she made for Real English 

told us about Kinetic typography – with clips from movie scenes.
recommended Ted talks and National Geographic Learning
suggested The No Project for global issues,  HSBC videos for videos on culture and Vicki Hollet’s Simple English Videos
said she loves Listicle videos
shared EdPuzzle for video editing and adding questions “without being a tech wizard”.
recommended ESOL Courses by Sue Lyon-Jones and Christina Rebuffet’s Speak English With Christina
suggested ViralELT by Ian James and Videotelling by Jamie Keddie
shared a video resources related search on her English Language Teaching Scoop.it

Books on Using Video

shared this link to Jamie Keddie’s book: Videotelling: YouTube Stories for the Classroom (the paperback).

shared a link to his free resource: Using Video in the Classroom – a teacher’s guidebook.
recommended Digital Video – A Manual for Language Teachers by Nik Peachey.

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